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Si tratta dell’originale sfida tra le otto contrade di Montepulciano, Cagnano, Collazzi, Coste, Gracciano, Poggiolo, San Donato, Talosa e Voltaia, che si contendono un panno dipinto facendo rotolare botti del peso di 80 kg lungo un percorso in salita di 1800 metri. This event is a re-creation of the original challenge between Montepulciano's eight "contrade": Cagnano, Collazzi, Coste, Gracciano, Poggiolo, San Donato, Talosa and Voltaia.
The contenders fight to win a painted cloth by rolling 80-kg barrels up a path that is 1800 meters long.

The barrels are each pushed by two men along a route that winds along the city's historic streets in a race that ends in front of the Duomo in Piazza Grande.
Before the race, a historic procession starts at 4:00 in the afternoon with more than 300 participants. Finally, at 7:00 in the evening, after the city's bell tower gives its signal, the barrels start to roll along the stone streets starting at the Marzocco column.

In a matter of ten minutes, the "Bravio" comes to its conclusion, with just one "contrada" celebrating its victory and receiving the cloth.
The others are forced to cope with their defeat and look forward to next year's challenge without harboring any resentment and maintaining respect for the winner. It is a story that has repeated itself for more than six hundred years.

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